For a year or so I managed to keep one bookmark.

It was just a postcard I picked up because I liked the picture.

Then it turned up when I was looking for a bookmark.

So my postcard was The Great Masturbator by Glenn Brown

The Great Masturbator

What a wanker.

I kept a record of every book I had read on the back of the bookmark.

Then I lost it in Boston, MA. I really miss it. If anyone finds it, please get in touch!

(I lost in in September 2011, so its probably in landfill somewhere, gah!)

I haven’t had a replacement I have been as pleased with yet. I’ll post what I have each time I get a new one.

Send me yours and I’ll put the cool ones up!

Or even better, send me a new bookmark!

Romance is dead.

This is my current bookmark, half of my valentine’s card.

Nick x